15 Tips for Spending Less

Hello foodies!

I suggest you discover today 15 tips to spend less. This can be very practical and welcome in these times of crisis

Every month, a lot of our money goes into the race budget. But times are tough and every economy counts!

15 Tips for Spending Less

Now let's talk about the 15 tips for spending less.

Before you go

1. Make a shopping list (and don't forget anything)

Making a shopping list is to make sure you only buy what is needed and not to spend money in the superfluous.

But we must also make sure that we have not forgotten anything about it. For this, I advise you to use a "race list" app on your phone. There are plenty of very well rated. Most are shareable with other family members, which is very convenient.


2. Plan your meals

To remember anything on your shopping list, you should also plan a minimum of what you plan to eat during the week.

On the other hand, if you bring your meals to work, then it is much cheaper to plan to cook a little bit. Rather than buying ready-made dishes or ready-made salads.

For example, a tray of chicken breasts can be cooked very easily in a frying pan. It's cheap, it's good, it's pretty healthy, and accompanied by pasta or green beans

3. Set a maximum budget for this month's races

Providing the same fixed budget for the races each month is more convenient to anticipate the expenses of the month and know what will remain. Economical because it is a goal not to exceed.


4. Be comyed to go shopping only once or twice a month

I'm often trying to move quickly to the supermarket to buy only one item I forgot before, or that I think I need immediately

Every time it's the same, if I go into a store to buy only one thing, I come out with at least 5 or 6 items. And I bet you do too!

To meet your budget, it's best to force yourself to go shopping only once or twice a month, and manage to do without something for a short time.

5. Ask for loyalty cards and keep them with you

Almost all supermarkets offer loyalty cards that allow you to access discounts and earn cashback when you shop, which can be very interesting. 

6. Print discount coupons

It is quite easy to find websites on the internet offering you to print discount coupons to use during your checkout.

I advise you to just look at the products on your list or equivalent products and not be tempted by others.

Other measures to spend less; there are also

7. Always keep your coupons with you

We all have a basket at home with coupons lying around, or we hang them in the fridge with magnets.

I don't know about you but I definitely forget these coupons when I go to the races. Or I can't pick them up because I'm going to the supermarket right after work.

If you have discount coupons, I advise you to always have them with you in your bag/wallet, or in the glove compartment of your car.  

8. Don't shop hungry

This one is known, shopping hungry is the best way to fall for extras!

In these cases, we are even more attracted to the fattest and sweetest foods. It's scientifically proven! To spend less, it's better to shop after eating.

And the 9th of 15 tips for spending less will be strategic

9. Don't take your kids/teens shopping with you

Often easier said than done! Yet they are the favorite targets of advertisers and merchants!

First, toy/leisure shelves are very often placed at the entrance to stores and difficult to avoid, which can lead to unforeseen expenses

Second, many products are made to appeal to children first, so that they influence their parents' choice.

10. Don't go through the shelves that aren't on your shopping list

If you don't have to do anything, don't go through it, so you won't be tempted!

Supermarket managers know that people are also easily tempted by products they don't need to buy just by passing by.

That's why the shelves sometimes change places. Supermarkets often have a single entrance requiring you to pass the shelves of products you can do without before you arrive at the food.


11. ALWAYS look at the price per kilo/litre

It is very easy to be having it by the packaging and format of a product.

To avoid traps, you must ABSOLUMENT look at the price per kilo or per litre. This item is 50 cents cheaper? Yes but in fact there is less product inside! This package of cereals family size is surely advantageous compared to the small size … Not!

In 90% of cases, family formats have a higher price per kilo!

Some examples of products to be wary of: toothpastes, cereals, shampoos, shower gels, cans, Coca-Cola

12. Beware of gondola-head promotions

There are often items on sale at the entrance of the shops or at the head of the department: family formats, lots of products, 2 bought / 1 free … Etc. but the discounts are not necessarily interesting.

These items are often isolated from their true radius so it is difficult to compare prices with similar off-promo products. If you are interested, so make the effort to spend comparing prices and you will see that often these are no less high. 


13. Buy in large quantities (but not at all)

Sometimes the large formats are really worth it.

Non-perishable products that you can't do without are among the most interesting to buy in batches or large formats: toilet paper, paper towels, laundry, dishwasher lozenges, shower gel, diapers… Etc.

When it goes out to food, you have to be wary. Some products can be easily divided and frozen: lots of meat or fish, cheeses

The best is to use a vacuum-setting device to seal the bags before freezing

14. Scan your ticket to get a refund of part of your groceries


Apps like Coupon Network or Shopmium allow you to be reimbursed for some of your items after shopping.

Just spot on the app the products in promo you interesting before you do your shopping, buy them and then scan your receipt once you return home.

You will be reimbursed directly by bank transfer in a few days.

Some products are even fully refunded! On the other hand, as with the coupons to be printed, we advise you to buy only products from your list or equivalents. Don't be tempted by products you wouldn't have bought otherwise.


15. Don't hesitate to test the private labels

Everyone has a few favorite products and wouldn't want to change brands

However, supermarket brands are getting better and better at copying the big brands. They produce cheaper equivalent products. Still look at the labels to find out the composition of the product

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