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Traditional Andalusian Gaspacho

Hello greedy friends! I'm taking you to Spain today to taste a traditional Andalusian gazpacho, what do you say? The origins of gazpacho Gazpacho is a soup made from mixed raw vegetables served cold, widespread in southern Spain but also in southern Portugal. It's a very easy to prepare and super refreshing starter when the …
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Gaspacho andalou traditionnel

Bonjour amis gourmands ! Je vous emmène aujourd’hui en Espagne pour y déguster un gaspacho andalou traditionnel, qu’en dites vous? Les origines du gaspacho Le gaspacho est un potage à base de légumes crus mixés servi froid, très répandu dans le sud de l’Espagne mais aussi dans le sud du Portugal. C’est une idée d’entrée …


Homemade chicken nuggets and ketchup

Hello greedy friends! How about delicious chicken nuggets with homemade ketchup. I stumbled upon a cooking show about breading chicken, with dehydrated mashed potatoes instead of breadcrumbs. I found the idea interesting and I made the recipe, to my sauce Nuggets, we like it a lot, especially children. Especially when you can eat them with …