How to organize in a small kitchen

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For all those who would like to know how to organize in a small kitchen. I've got some tips for you.

how to organize in a small kitchen

1. How and what to store

That's rule number one. If your space is small, you will have to store only the bare necessities on your shelves and in your closets.

So the question is: what do I need on a daily basis?

What is not used at least once a week has no place in your small kitchen, store it elsewhere. Do you have closets at home?

One could mention, among others: the waffle machine, the cupcake pans and their socket pockets, the tagine dish…

Utensils or ingredients that play several roles and take up little space will be preferred.

Taking stock of all this will allow you to see more clearly, to quickly find what you are looking for. 

Define work areas

For each action to be effective, it is necessary to gather in space the elements that participate in it Put the cooking utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, etc.) at hand, next to the fires, in a glass jar, for example

On a small tray, plate or shelf near your cooking fires, store the basic condiments and spices, the ones you always use: salt, pepper, olive oil, soy sauce, herbs from Provence

Other spices and condiments can be stored elsewhere. Everything you need to quickly prepare this important meal.

Combine the cutlery you need: if you're two at home, don't keep more than 4 plates and 4 glasses in your closet, it takes up space for nothing.

Next to the sink, the dishwashing product, sponges, drain, towel. I recommend drying clean dishes with a towel (and storing them directly) 

It takes longer, but a permanent drain takes up a lot of space. – And of course, you need a worktop to cook properly. 

One of the most important points to know how to organize in a small kitchen is:

3. Worktop needed to cook

A worktop is a place that allows you to cook, that's where you make your dishes 

It is an open space that should always be kept clean and free. In a very small kitchen, the worktop can be located on the fridge, at the draining part of your sink, but you have to put a flat element (plank or other) on a wall shelf possibly folding (to take up less space).

Your worktop must be equipped with a cutting board. In the very small kitchens, the latter alone represents the worktop. It must also be equipped with other useful elements: a jar with knives. Or better yet hang on the wall a magnetized bar for them. A pair of scissors, a whip, etc.

4. Keep only what is needed

It is best to store together the ingredients that go into the same type of recipe.

This allows you to quickly realize those who are used very little and to put them elsewhere, or to give them away.

In the fridge, combine short-preserved products (yoghurts, etc.) in one place and long-lasting products (jams, pickles, etc.) in another.

This allows you to quickly see where you are, in order to optimize the next

. Finally, do not pile fruit and vegetables into the vegetable tray.

Many can stay out of the fridge (squash, tomatoes, leeks, apples, etc.). Provided of course to have room to store them elsewhere. 

5. Order and cleanliness

The order and cleanliness of the small kitchens are absolutely necessary.

Indeed, as soon as elements are not stored, they monopolize the little space available and prevent the actions of everyday life.

Like dirty cutlery in a single sink tray or ingredients and utensils lying around on your worktop. 

6. Lay shelves

Little floor surface? You've certainly had a lot on the wall! Lay small shelves to help you ease your closets and keep items on hand.

Put hooks on the wall. You can hang tea towels and utensils (ladles, whisks, small stoves).

If this article to find out how to organize in a small kitchen has helped you, feel free to leave me your comments

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