How to make your homemade praline

Hello foodies!

And if I offered to make your own praline, nothing could be simpler

The first step is to mix caramelized hazelnuts and you get praline 


And if you keep mixing much longer, the preparation will become more liquid by the heat of the blades of your blender and you get the praline.

This is for the basic recipe. Then, nothing prevents you from making this recipe with only almonds or a mixture of hazelnuts and almonds for example.

With praline or hazelnut powder, you can incorporate it into cake recipes 

The praline, more liquid, probably offers more possibilities, especially the famous recipe of spread or in the famous Paris-Brest!

To crush hazelnuts, you can use a robot or place them in small quantities on a cutting board. Then cover with a clean cloth and crush them with a rolling pin

How to make homemade praline or praline?

Serves 4

  • 100g whole hazelnuts
  • 100g caster sugar



Step 1

In a frying pan, without fat, roast the hazelnuts.


Step 2

Then lower the heat and add the sugar to make a caramel.

The sugar melts and coats the hazelnuts.


Step 3

Remove from heat and place on baking paper to cool.


Step 4

When the caramelized hazelnuts are very cold, break pieces and mix them.

You get a hazelnut powder … The praline!


Step 5

Continue mixing for several minutes. If necessary, stop and bring the edges back to the centre with a spatula.

With the warmth of the blades and the mixing, the praline turns into praline.

Then you have to use one or the other!

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