How to make your macaroons a success

I wanted to share with you how to succeed his macaroons

Because we would all like to succeed his macaroons, as you I tested several recipes without success. Now I'm delivering mine!

I give you the recipe I use but also the tips and tricks to succeed his macaroons
The recipe opposite is for macaroons with French meringue

For about 60 hulls 

  • 160g almond powder
  • 160g icing sugar
  • 165g caster sugar
  • 4 egg whites (140 g about)



Step 1

If you don't use the egg whites for a recipe, keep them in a cool airtight box and for the macaroons, take them out in advance so they are at room temperature.

egg white

Step 2

Mix the almond powder with the icing sugar to obtain a fine powder, or like me, use a device that allows sifting.

mix almond powder

Step 3

Whisk the whites by adding the powdered sugar in three times, increasing the speed each time. Add the almond powder and icing sugar to the whites.

whites in snow

Step 4

Preheat the oven to 150oC.


Step 5

Mix the macaroon machine with a maryse, turning the container and going from the bottom to the top.


Step 6

Fill a socket pocket and make the macaroon shells the desired size on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Space the macaroons as they will spread slightly.

To get shells of the same diameter you can slip under the baking paper, a sheet with the circle prints that you then remove before cooking.

cooking macaroons

Step 7

Then place the macaroon shells in the oven for about 12 minutes of cooking. Wait about 10 minutes to remove the shells from the plate.

cooked macaroons

Step 8

All you have to do is make a ganache to garnish them.

When mixing the device, you can use food coloring and when you have poached the shells on the baking paper, you can sprinkle colored vermicelli, cocoa, etc. … before cooking.

You can also freeze the shells for later use.

And because macaroons are tricky to make and do not accept them just about, like everything in pastry, I recommend you use a scale that is as accurate as possible 

You can miss macaroons just by not following the exact proportions of the recipe!

The rule of thumb: Quality products are essential!

To succeed his macaroons, you need good products at the base, let's take a closer look

Chef's tips and tricks



Prefer organic eggs to the rigors of no.1, avoid using battery hen eggs that start with the No. 3.

Separate the whites from the yolks for at least 3 days before using, store them in the refrigerator in an airtight box and bring them back to room temperature the day before use. This will reduce the risk of your macaroons falling back out of the oven

Knowing that you can perfectly freeze the egg whites. if you have any previous recipes, you can use them to make your macaroons

Egg yolks will be used for: mayonnaise, custard, pastry chef, sabayon, hollandaise sauce, Béarnaise etc. I'm not going to quote them all

Almond powder:

To develop its aromas, you can roast the almond powder beforehand.  Keep it cooled in a dry box. Choose a good quality almond powder, of course

Ice sugar:

The one you find in the trade is perfect. In fact starch prevents the formation of lumps.

The dyes:

Choose water-soluble dyes powder, if possible do not opt for liquid dyes

Cooking macaroons

The ideal is to have on a plate if possible perforated, previously put in the refrigerator or freezer before, but if it works with a normal plate no worries.  Rotating heat cooking gives the best results

The thermal shock between the cold plate and the heat of the oven


Silicone fingerprint moulds:

It's not my thing, I can't get an optimal result with silicone prints. But if it works for you don't change anything. 
You can easily find on the internet templates of different sizes to print under the baking sheet.

Thermometers and thermo cooking probes

I bought mine from Boulanger about 35 and it works very well. Little tip if like me you have a battery-powered thermo probe, remove them when you don't use itThermo cooking probe

Regarding the production of the macaroon recipe:

Climb the whites:

We start by gently raising the whites by breaking the albumin of the eggs before increasing the power as you go. The pinch of salt is useless, but if it reassures you

The temperature of the syrup:

As far as I'm concerned, the temperature of my syrup is usually 118 degrees, so you can go up to 120 degrees without a problem. 

The syrup:

Respect the proportions of the recipe, even for your syrup, it is essential for the success of your macaroons.

Pour your syrup into a thin fillet along the wall of the bowl, otherwise, by touching the branches of the whisk, it could splash you. And believe me the splashes of burning syrup it hurts 


The Italian meringue:

It is cooked syrup that is poured on the snow whites. This meringue would make it possible to better succeed his macaroons

If you want to color your meringue, that's when you'll add your dyes,

The macarooning:

At the maryse or horn according to your preferences and if you have a robot the leaf macaroon is perfect

All you have to do is finish at the maryse in a bottom-up motion from the center, turning your tank at the same time and breaking the whites well to make for a smooth, shiny appliance.

The crust:

I never crust except when I realize my macaroons with French meringue

On the other hand, if, for example, you are cooking 2 plates at the same time and you have a quantity of appliances for 3 plates, leave it in the pocket and put it up when you put it in the oven.

Cooking macaroons:

For my part, I bake 2 baking sheets at a time plates at the same time, At a temperature of 150oC for 12 to 15 minutes, in heat revolving the rotating heat. But it also works without rotating heat, you just have to be more attentive during cooking

Have my macaroons crack when cooking!

There is too much moisture, open the oven 2 or 3 times during cooking to release this residual moisture.

My macaroons are not uniform

Maybe you haven't macarated enough, or you've incorporated too much air. Try to turn the plates halfway through cooking.

My macaroons spread out like pancakes

you have too macaronné, this happens especially with the French meringue. A beautiful, firm Italian meringue can easily withstand a more advanced macaroon. Well, not too much either

When can I eat macaroons

Ideally it is eaten 24 or 48 hours after garnishing. To avoid condensation, macaroons are kept once trimmed overnight in the uncovered refrigerator,

Only after you can put them in a closed container. I'm basically talking about ganache and muslin cream toppings. You can also freeze the shells of macaroons alone for about 3 months. Or once trimmed

The conservation of macaroons:

Once filled, store macaroons in the uncovered refrigerator overnight to avoid condensation and softening, 
There is no need to thaw them to garnish them, on the other hand they will have to mature 1 to 2 days before tasting. Take them out of the refrigerator for 15 minutes before eating.

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