Home-made spread

Hello the greedy

Why don't I tell you spreads? What would that mean to you? gluttony, pleasure, make breakfast for the children? Certainly.

I'm not talking about the famous brand of industrial spread, but homemade spreads. With good products and of course without palm oil

You'll tell me some news

A little tip so that the hazelnuts of our homemade spread can release all their aroma and flavor in our spread?

Bake for 25 minutes at 150oC. So they will mix more easily and give a hazelnut powder all that is fluid, without risk of lumps for our future spread.

A small technique to keep our home-made spread longer is to add a knob of butter to the mixture just before the end.

That way, there's no risk that it's going to become rancid


For 400 grams of spread:

  • homemade praline
  • 50g dark chocolate
  • 50g milk chocolate
  • 5g cornstarch (maïzena)
  • 80g 30% MG liquid cream


Step 1

Start with the making of the praline by following the recipe linked in the list of ingredients


Step 2

Melt the chocolates in a double boiler or in the microwave (proceed in 10-second increments, mixing each time so as not to burn the chocolate


Step 3

Pour the chocolate into the blender with the praline and mix.


Step 4

Add the cornstarch, then the cream little by little, mixing.

Store in a glass jar and cupboard away from air and light

And with a night's rest, the preparation will thicken!


Spreadable version plus "light"

You can replace the cream with hazelnut oil if you wish

For a lighter version, you can only put dark chocolate and replace the cream with unsweetened condensed milk

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