Strawberry salad with Timut pepper

Hello foodies!

I suggest you enjoy a delicious strawberry salad with Timut pepper.

The first French strawberries arrive, it's time to enjoy it during this too short period lol, finally at least for me who loves it

I've made you a strawberry salad with timut pepper that goes well with strawberries.

If you don't have one, try Sichuan pepper.

Pepper Timut is native to Nepal and looks a lot like its Sichuan cousin.

It is a pepper with notes of citrus and more precisely pink grapefruit and yuzu, vegetable and woody that goes very well with strawberries but not that…

Preparation: 20 minutes

For 4 People

  • 1 kg French strawberries
  • 1 lime
  • Timut pepper
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • Agave syrup


Step 1
Wash the strawberries well without peeling them before, otherwise they will gorge themselves with water.
Step 2
Wash, zest and squeeze the juice of the limes add them to the strawberries
Step 3
Drizzle with agave syrup Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours, take them out 20 minutes before tasting so they are not too cold
Step 4
Once washed, they are cut into quarters according to their size in 4 or 6
Step 5
Put them in a bowl, grate Pepper Timut at your convenience, not too much anyway to keep the scent of strawberries
Step 6
Wash, zest and squeeze the juice of the limes Add them to the strawberries Drizzle with agave syrup
Step 7
Arrange in bowls or individual cups Decorate with chiseled mint and enjoy

Strawberry salad with Timut pepper

Choose your strawberries well

A strawberry picked before maturity will never ripen. So we choose his red strawberries.
A ripe strawberry is uniform in colour, shiny with a very green and fresh collar.
If around the collar, the strawberry is white and green leave it aside It is best to consume them quickly after purchase.
You can keep them for 2 to 3 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Remember to take them out in advance or they will have lost all their perfumes.
Choice criteria

Finally, an important criterion of choice, learn to recognize and appreciate the different varieties depending on the season, your tastes or their use.

You will have less disappointment than if you rely only on bright red fruits, attractive but not always good.

Some strawberries may display a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) or a Red Label, which is a first guarantee of quality.

Strawberry season

From March until July:

La Gariguette: small, elongated, juicy, melting and sweet, La Ciflorette: elongated, red-orange, juicy and sweet, very red, shiny and sweet

From April to June

The Darselect: a round strawberry with little assertive red, it is rather firm but juicy and rich in aromas.


It arrives our favorite strawberry in the shape of a heart, the tender, juicy and sweet Charlotte. It is a strawberry balanced with bright red and appeals to the greatest number of people. By crunching it, it feels a bit like tasting a tiny strawberry wood as well as with the Mara des bois that can be found at the same time. The latter is often smaller, but its flavor is incomparable.

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